In 2019, Flip Side solution took care of all the Media content for Genergy.

Genergy is a solar installation operation based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The images required some flexibility and creativeness to yield a usable result. Important was the identification of clear parameters for the media shoots. Clear outlines of the marketing and message goals are always key. Whatever the product, business or Event, a clear vision is of utmost importance to give the brand a linear approach to the multifaceted aspects of marketing and establishing a brand.

Flip Side Solution approaches the media from different angles. It uses a combination of different cameras and post production techniques to reach the required result. The environment of the shoot can be challenging at times. Creativity is key to get the best results.

Flip Side Solution also takes the time to check in with the client, in this case Genergy, to make sure that the images are aligned with the requirements of the brand. This also means that the media production house needs to have a good understanding of the product. Some basic technological knowledge is required.
It is always imperative to take the time to understand what you are capturing. This will translate in you individuating the best timing, angle or camera to use.
Generally after a few months, the interaction between media producer and brand decreases as trust has been established.

The Final Product

It is also important to think of the final platform on which the media will be used. Wether it be a Website, Social Media, or a presentation. Flip Side Solution tries to cover all formats so as to reap the maximum out of a shoot. Sometimes one needs to be flexible to do stills and Video together.
With regards to Solar panels, weather also plays a huge role. We try and capture some different situation with regards to weather so as to have a different looks.